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Structure & Resources

The 21-year history of AnyCasting,
its structure and research
capabilities, and the origin of the
name of AMEBA 3D are introduced

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ANYCASTING through the years

Summary of 21 Years of History

AnyCasting started the software business in 2000 and has been supplying casting simulation and military radar analysis software. The company started the development and mass production of LED optics in 2008 and has achieved the first place in domestic market share and has been exporting overseas. The company has been researching the development of selective electrochemical 3d printer since 2013 and commercialized it for the first time in the world in 2021.



Summary of 21 Years of History 2000


LED Optics

Summary of 21 Years of History 2008


3D Printer

Summary of 21 Years of History 2013


Structure & Resources

Company Structure and R&D Capabilities

AnyCasting has a total of 43 researchers in the manufacturing and software fields and has registered and applied for 67 patents. The company has its headquarters in Seoul and a manufacturing plant in Gimhae, with a total of 3 R&D centers and 1 factory. The company established a subsidiary, AnyCasting Software, through the spin-off of its software business division in 2015.

Company Structure and R&D Capabilities